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Hardscapes. Look the word up in the dictionary and you won’t find it. But in the landscape definitions: pools, patios, decks, arbors, outdoor fireplaces, walkways, driveways, etc. These outdoor living spaces that most people take for granted. Whether adding to your existing patio or building your dream home, let Owens Construction Services work with you to create the ultimate outdoor space designed to fit your family’s needs.

Have you always wanted a swimming pool but didn't’t want the standard shape everyone else has. Let Owens Construction Services design and install your custom gunite pool to fit into your landscaping like it was meant to be there. Add a raised retaining wall or a waterfall for that special effect dreamed of. And we have good news for you. The smell and irritation of chlorine can be a thing of the past with the addition of a salt water system. So when it’s time for a swimming pool, give us a call and let Owens Construction Services turn your dreams into a reality.

Patios and Walkways
Since your patio is an extension of your interior living space, make the most of what's available to you. Whether you need more space or a total renovation of your patio, Owens Construction Services can design and implement a plan that will change your outdoor living experience.

Arbors and Decks
The addition of an arbor can transform a simple patio into that outdoor living space you have always wanted. Or add one away from the entertaining area for that secluded getaway for relaxation or reading. And if you're tired of all the concrete, a deck can soften the appearance of your outdoor living space while providing your family with needed entertaining area.

Outdoor Fireplaces
Cool fall nights and marshmallows being toasted over a fire. No, this isn't a camping trip. It's your back yard with an outdoor fireplace. Don't let fall and winter force you inside, enjoy year-round entertaining with the addition of an outdoor fireplace.
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