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Owens Construction Landscaping Services

Landscaping Design & Services

Owens Construction Services offers complete landscape design and installation. From small landscape projects to complete site development, we can design a plan to help you to develop your property to its lest potential. Beautification through organization is the key to success in any yard. We use knowledge a plant material growth habits and rates, as well as your surroundings to best determine a landscape plan that best fits your needs. Our expert crews will install your landscaping in a timely manner.

Bed Preparation
Bed preparation is the key to a successful landscape in the Memphis area. We are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to make your plantings successful. A common part of’ bed preparation is to add pro-mix (Combination of peat moss, topsoil, sand, and pine bark) to your existing soil and till to a depth of 8”. Using this formula, the results are seen for many years to come. Proper bed preparation means the difference between a vigorous long lasting landscape bed and a landscape bed that just exists.

Drainage is another key component to landscaping. Sixty to seventy percent of the landscaping jobs we do involve some type of drainage. Whether it be standing water in your yard or the need for erosion control, we specialize in advanced drainage systems to fit the needs of our customers. Catch basins, French drains, terracing, thy creek beds, and site grading are some of the solutions we offer to help eliminate your drainage problems.

The use of stone in the landscape can provide a natural look in a city environment. Stone edging, patios, retaining walls, creek beds, and stepping stones are just some of the ways we use stone to accentuate your landscape.

Low Voltage Lighting
After investing in your landscaping, why enjoy it just during the daylight hours. The use of low voltage lighting to highlight architectural features and landscaping brings your property to life at night. Pathway lights provide a soft, ambient glow that allows you and your guests to safely navigate your walkways and patios. Spot lights provide canopy lighting in trees and ornamentals that extends your visual surrounding. In addition to increasing your property value, the low voltage lighting system installed by Owens Construction Services provides you with added security.

Other Services
Other services offered through our landscaping department: pools, decks, arbors, gazebos, outdoor fire places, water features, patios, driveways, sidewalks, and brickwork. Visit our Hardscapes Section for additional information about these services.
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